The Difference Between Living And Loving (DEMO)

by Rue des Cascades

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Erich Wiederkehr during summer 2012.
This was recorded when we were still a five piece band.
Rue des Cascades on this record was:
Dave - Bass
Demi - Drums
Ivo - Vocals
Juli - Git
Mätthe - Git


released October 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Rue des Cascades Winterthur, Switzerland

Eternal War on the Hitler Youth.

contact: ruedescascades[at]


  • Oct 28
    Zürich, Switzerland

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Track Name: Man Is Wolf To Man
Our hearts may be blue.
Our souls may be black.
But they’re hearts at least.
There is a soul nonetheless.
Our minds may be burned
These words might get crashed.
But we are here to last.
At least we have this chance to say something.

Listen to me, tell me:
How is the place where I was born linked to my destiny?
If I have a better life just by luck
then tell me the value it has.
And I always bear the suffering of this world on my shoulders.
But what about me?
My own feelings, in a mess
I also suffer
I won’t pretend.
Love pulls me down and I do not know how to handle it.
It was just you and me
And everyone around us.
Why did you leave?

I’m searching salvation, but I only found myself suffering.
Frustrated by the fact that my nails cannot tear my skin.
And all I had was the shame of my scratched arms.
The blood never shed.
Where is the difference between living and loving?
There is no difference.
I was too weak, I am too weak.
I was too dumb, I am too dumb.
I‘ve lost you forever.
I hate these stars and how I wasted my time because of them.
I hate and love these world and my feelings -
this life is worth living,
I keep believing.

My heart might be blue
My soul might be black.
But it’s a heart at least.
I've got a soul at last.
Track Name: Escapism
They capture all our thoughts.
It's getting clearer, more and more -
Stagnation shows its face.

Our world weariness ends in escapism.
We are nothing but the next wasted generation
Should I prefer indifference or frustration?

This world is nothing but a point in the void.
This body's nothing but a shell.
And this god is nothing more than a human thought.

Everything will end, a truer word was never spoken.
Everything is going to end, truer words were never spoken.
We can only become what we should be, if we forget who we are.

But we are captured,
Our true feelings are hidden behind masks of anger.
Slaving the weak, we are slaving the weak.
Not seeing that it's wrong.

But I believe in change.
A new hope rises in me.
We can break out of this fortress.
This fortress that keeps us calm and silent.
We must break our chains.
Track Name: Compass Points South
The deathwish in my head keeps me going on.
Let me bleed in the corner of the void, all alone.
God answers his sheep no longer.
God does not answer me.
And I have no fear of death, life is harder to bear.
I do not understand myself, I do not understand.
I do not need anyone, I do not need help.
Instead of asking what my reason is
You'd rather tell me, where is my reason to live?
Do not know how to feel in this society.
I'm just another brick.
How many times, did I stand on the roof?
How many times was I hoping these pills would help me to sleep?
I stopped counting.
This time, I'm not afraid.
This time, I have no fear.
Holding the gun to my head, I feel the cold trigger.
Only a finger twitch and a last breath.
I will survive
I have not made it
I do not get what I need.
Track Name: MMXXI
I am the voice
This scream
This feeling
The pain
The hatred

Emptiness is filling me
This desperate struggle repeats every day
They're telling me I'm free
And how everything is as is should be
Freedom is slavery, they say
War is peace, they say
Ignorance is strength, they say
They're telling me everything's fine and it has always been like that
They claim so much from me and lead me to believe in a perfect world
They don't care about my inner strife
Don't give a fuck about how I suffer carrying this burden
I will suffer till I die.

I am nothing more but one of many
A drop in the ocean, a grain of sand in a desperate desert,
just another gear in this machinery of slavery
I let them oppress me,
take control of my mind.
I never question anything,
devour what big brother feeds
They caged my will, my mind
And there's nothing left but emptiness
I am broken
I am neither dead nor alive
And so I'm numbing my pain, evoking sentiments that do not exist
And I put on a mask on to keep up appearance
I deceive myself, I am rotting
Day by day, year for year
Will I ever be free?