Odes To Love, Flames To Paris

by Rue des Cascades

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Physical release in July 2016 through Cruel Bones on vinyl and through Ashes Cult on Cassette.

Buy LP: cruelbones.tictail.com/product/rue-des-cascades-odes-to-love-flames-to-paris-lp
Buy Cassette: cruelbones.tictail.com/product/rue-des-cascades-odes-to-love-flames-to-paris-mc


released March 6, 2016

Recorded at Working Class Recordings by Marc Bouffé
Mixed & mastered at Tonmeisterei by Role Wiegner
Photographies by Joram Stähli
Artwork, lyrics and music by Rue des Cascades



all rights reserved


Rue des Cascades Winterthur, Switzerland

Eternal War on the Hitler Youth.

contact: ruedescascades[at]immerda.ch


  • Oct 28
    Zürich, Switzerland

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Track Name: Korea / Germany
Forest gets dark, too dark to see,
if you’re my friend or an enemy.
Rain falls down and thunder howls.
we take our hands, flee into holes.

We lie down in meat beds.
We pray for the hunter's death.
We bury ourselves in our desire.
To feel save, we lay fire.

The fires we set are coming after us.

What hasn’t been said now
remains unsaid
Because the smoke is already filling our lungs
And our legs, they won’t carry us far
We’re falling, we’re waiting
Ashes in our hands
Rest your head against mine.
Track Name: Der Russ Dresdens
My lips touched cigarettes glow
Let me be the cancer in your lungs
I want to be your end
When you're my death, I’ll be your saint
I am the cancer in your lungs

To the wastelands I brought stones
And from dust I’ve built a home:
our last residence
The last way to heal your bends
my sun, my love, my holy.

When you wanted to flee,
Who was it, who cured your disease?
My stones broke your legs,
So now you can stay with me
Your hands are shaking gently
I have fastened the nails in firmly,
I gently kiss your wet cheek

The summer sun sets, my love.
I have crucified my love.
You can not leave, my dear.
We will die together here.